So, I was changing oil today and noticed an odd part that has oil leaking out of it. It's between the oil pan and transmission oil pan. It's a black plate that covers 2 holes on the bottom of the differential/transmission. It has foam like pads between the metal plate and the holes and it does not look like there is a way to keep it tight on there so there is oil leaking out from there around the foam pads. If I pull back the plate (which is easy to do), a good 2-4 Tbsp of oil comes out, then it stops. If I run the engine again, there's another few tablespoons, then stops. What the heck is this part that looks flimsy, makes it easy for oil to pass by and has no good way of securing it. Spent hours looking online and at engine diagrams with no answers. Plz help! Didn't have phone with me but found this picture of the part online: