Please follow these rules of our board and we all should get along nicely here.


1. No nudity/porn. Images like this will be deleted without warning and warnings/infractions/supensions will be coming.
2. No pictures/videos of dead or dismembered animals/people at all. This also includes no animal abuse image and/or videos. Images/Videos like this will be deleted witout warning and warnings/infractions/supensions will be coming.
3. No racial slurs, comments, etc. This includes serious homosexual comments and the like.
4. No serious bashing of other members or member's family. If it's out of fun, that's fine. If you really have a problem with someone, report it to admin/super mod or try to resolve it through PMs. Do not take it to the public boards or both will have the chance of being suspended/banned.
5. Please keep all posts related to the original poster's (OPs) thread topic and all threads in appropriate sections. This will help keep the forum better organized, more informative and enjoyable. Break this rule and you WILL be getting a warning. Repeat it, you will be suspended.
6. We allow cussing here on these boards, but in moderation. We do NOT allow you to post a cuss word in a post topic.
7. I you post anything that is not safe for work you must have NSFW in the title or it will be closed and removed.
If you do not like these rules, tough shit

These rules may/will be changed or added to without warning. So you may want to check back here every so often so you can be up to date on the rules and can stay out of trouble.

Few and VERY Simple. We take those rules seriously, so please follow them and we will have a good time here

Thanks everyone. Staff