Technology has been playing a pivotal role in the growth of the real estate sector in India. While real estate has been a late-starter, the recent adoptions of technology have made it attractive with the help of numerous innovations and advancements. Technology has led to gains not only for the buyer but also for the sellers in Real Estate. Not just in terms of construction, but even in terms of simplifying the property buying process, real estate brokers and agents are slowly adapting newer technologies. We are expecting to see major disruptions being planned in the real estate property transactions space.

At The Baya Company, we always strive to break down the walls of complexity and offer services in their simplest and purest form. That is the reason we have launched the new Baya App, a one-stop destination to track every movement related to your purchase. Here you can check notifications on construction updates, check project-related documents, view payment schedules, and even make payments, all through this one app.

And it doesn’t just stop there. Once our customers move into their new home, they can also request maintenance services through the app, thereby ensuring a seamless living experience for them and their family.