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  1. strange snapping or popping sound behind dash associated with temp control movement

    When I move the heater temp control knob either way, shortly there after I hear a snapping sound that will last a few seconds or many seconds. I'm afraid it has to do with the heater diverter door...
  2. starter doesn't engage when ignition switch is in "start" position

    I'm just now having problems with my 04 Titan. Turn the key to start and all I get is the dash warning lights, as usual, and a discharge indication on the amp gauge. The starter doesn't engage,...
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    new to the forum from Pace, Florida

    Just found this forum and will be doing a lot of reading. I have 2004 Titan with 168K miles on it. Still looks like new. I'm an aircraft mechanic (A&P) and aircraft inspector (IA). Hobbies are...
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